Align Your Legacy: The Ronald Regan Presidential Foundation (2018)
Spot. Dir. Jonathon McGee.

Eyes and Prize (2018)
Drama/Horror. Dir. Oliver Cane.

An Apple A Day (2016)
Modern Dance. Choreographer. Sarah Louise B Kristiansen.

The Last Christmas (2015)
Drama/Horror. Dir. Oliver Cane.

Enemy of the Stars (2015)
Drama. Dir. Oliver Cane.

Chalk (2014)
Drama. Dir. Rem Berger.

Splitting Hairs (2014)
Psychological Thriller. Dir. Nathalie Abbott.

My Imaginary Life (2014)
Sci-Fi/Comedy. Dir. Stella MacDonald.

Images of Bedlam (2013)
Documentary. Guardian UK.

Café Window (2013)
Comedy. Dir. Jonathon McGee.

Simon Killer (2012)
Song Credit: Revere – We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow (guitar/arrangement).

Il Capo Re-Scored (2012)
Commissioned to re score award winning director Yuri Ancarani’s ‘Il Capo’ as part of The Open City Docs fest at UCL 2012.

Natterverene (2011)
Modern Dance. Choreographer. Sarah Louise B Kristiansen.

Live Every Litre (2010)
Contributed a number of tracks for the Honda sponsored C4 production.

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